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One Hour Zoom Readings 

Two Hour Zoom Readings with Reports

Types of Reports:

  • Destiny 

  • Relationships

  • Money & Success

  • Find Love 

  • Life

Feng Shui Phone Consultation

Feng Shui In-Home Consultation


One Hour Zoom Readings: Cards of Your Destiny Reading and/or Love Cards Relationship Reading.  These can be arranged via email

Fees:  $175.  Written Reports: $39  or $15 each.

90 Minute Readings: All first time readers would be given a 90 minute reading. The fee for this is $200. After the initial 90 minute reading all readings after are one hour readings at $175.


Two Hour Zoom Readings: Two Hour Sacred Science the of the Cards and Astrology Reading. For a more in-depth reading which includes Astrology and Sacred Science of the  Cards, appointments must be made at least 3 weeks in advance. The readings are 2 hours and all reports are free.  $350

One Hour Feng Shui: Phone Consultation.  Send a diagram and description of your environment and concerns, and Leslie will assess and recommend cures or adjustments.  $180 

Feng Shui in-Home Consultation: We will visit your home and assess and recommend cures or adjustments. Includes follow-up visits.  $450


 Schedule An Appointment

via email or phone

212- 491-8202

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