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The Ancient Chinese Art of Placement


Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. It is a sacred science using ancient principles that allow the uplifting power of Chi to be released in a way that empowers us in our living and working environments. Chi is universal life force. It is a vital energy to which we all have access, and which, when properly channeled in our homes, our work places and within our own bodies, can transform our lives and uplift us in ways that can be experienced immediately. We experience feelings of balance, energized health, peace and well being.


Feng Shui is the perfect next step, once the Oracle has given you a deeper insight into the meanings of events in your life, why various situations are present, and what your soul is longing to express in this life. The challenges you experience are really avenues leading to your further growth and development. After taking a deeper look into the energy and impact of the planetary influences on you, Anu-View then looks at the principles of Feng Shui or the energy encompassing your living environment. How can the energy within the environment of your home or at your place of employment be changed to create a more empowering living and working atmosphere for you? The principles of Feng Shui provide the client with the answer to this question. When you know the challenges you face, an appropriate and consciously designed ambiance can help to uplift you to transform your existence to one in which greater success, accomplishment, achievement, abundance, and prosperity in all areas of your life is experienced. 



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