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The Sacred Science of the Cards

Destiny Card Readings

reveal the nature and soul of an individual, as well as the past, present and future.


Relationship Card Readings

reveal the nature and purpose of a relationship.


Sacred Science of the Cards reveals your past, present and future through an ancient science of divination that uses modern playing cards. This sacred science is based on astronomical phenomena, and interpretations can be verified by using astrology. This sacred oracle had been used by the priests of Ancient Egypt and the Order of the Magi. Before our modern era, the Order of the Magi had been the keeper of the Sacred Science of the Cards for over two thousand years.


The origin of playing cards has been claimed by almost every ancient civilization the Egyptian, Chinese and Persian. A one-thousand-year-old deck of cards is preserved in the Museum of the World Asiatic Society. Ancient priests originally used playing cards as an oracle. This means that, in the Sacred Science of the Cards, usage of our modern playing cards constitutes a method of "interpreting" astronomical phenomena to help determine the course of your existence. Hence, the Sacred Science of the Cards is based not only on astronomical phenomena, but also on the reader’s interpretation of the astrological phenomena affecting the client as well.


The astronomical arrangement of our modern playing cards constitutes the 52 pages of “The Little Book.” The Little Book represents the 52 weeks in a year. The 12 court emblems (king, queen and jack of each suit) represent the 12 months in a year. The 13 cards in each suit represent the Sun and the 12 signs of the zodiac. The four suits represent the four seasons. Heart (life, love) represents Spring. Club (Shamrock, green) represents Summer. Diamond (wealth, harvest) represents Fall. Spade (acorn, seed) represents Winter. The 52 pages (cards) times the 7 ruling planets equals 364, the number of days in a year, minus one. In the ancient world, the 365th day of the year was a sacred day and treated as a holiday. This 365th day is New Year’s Eve and is represented by the Joker Card. The Joker, the “remnants of days,” represents the 1¼ days which, when added to the 52 pages x the 7 ruling planets, equals the required 365¼ days for the sun to travel in the solar year.


A single word to define the purpose of this teaching would be illumination. There is no accident to the construction of the pack of card as there is no accident in the construction of the universe.  By its suit, planetary rulership, number of its spots or picture on its face, and relationship to other cards, you are revealed to yourself from new angles of enlightenment. You begin to understand the why of your inclinations and impulses, emotional and psychological reactions, attractions and repulsions, and the ease or difficulty you find in living harmoniously with those in your environment.


As you gain understanding, you learn to make practical use of your knowledge. You learn the importance of choosing your vocation, developing your ability and consciously cultivating the people and things that have a useful part in your life.



Astrological Reading


Astrology is the underlying foundation for the Sacred Science of the Cards and can therefore confirm the predictions of the Cards. The interpretation of the chart incorporates the relationship between planets and the signs of the zodiac, the area of the chart in which they fall, and other symbolic indicators to examine the different levels of the emotional and spiritual psychology of the individual.


All readings take three weeks to prepare. Your reading is unique to you. In-depth preparation, research and study are required for each reading. Once your reading is complete, you receive a written interpretation of approximately 100 pages about your life and a taped recording of your reading.

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